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December 2016 ;

QUESTION 1 is it easy for you to get an appointment at the surgery?

Sometimes can be difficult when the line is busy.

Phone staff v. helpful

More options online would be helpful, especially Monday nights.

As a new patient at this practice I have found all members of staff extremely nice and helpful.

Very helpful.

Wonderful, well done.

Although I do hate the mad 8-9 session.

Current system discourages me from trying.

No problem.

Can never get through on phone, when you do they will not let you book in advance.

Making an appointment for Dr Disley isn’t easy!

Yes, but don’t like the continuous trying to get through.


I would prefer to book an appointment in advance. Once I pressed redial 73 times from 8am trying to get an appointment as it’s always engaged.

Can’t understand the need to ring on that day. If you work this is difficult on a busy day and then leave work that day. Making an appointment later in week would be better but as usual workers (the tax payer) get penalised? Not sure if this is still the system as was earlier this year.

Only if you ring by or after 8am.

For a same day appointment you have to dial in at 0800. This can be very hit and miss – often line engaged, by the time you get through no slots available. Easier to book a week in advance online.

But not always easy to see same doctor.

You have to ring from 8 o’clock. I start work at 8 o’clock so I find it hard - then to book one I have to wait over a week.

There are insufficient opportunities to book an appointment in advance. If you work you can’t necessarily take time off the same day as the day you have to book an appointment.

Depends on time of year but you guys are busy in the winter, so I will let you off, ha!

Only difficulty getting through at 8am. Constantly engaged line – maybe 20-30 times to redial until successful. Maybe have another line or telephonist?? At which point no appointments available for morning surgery???

Sometimes it’s very difficult to get through on the phone in the morning but once I’m answered I do usually get an appointment that day.

As long as you get through early. Sometimes engaged for ages.

As long as you can get through to the surgery phone, it always seems to be engaged at the time you have to book appointment. By the time you are answered all the appointments have gone.

Not easy to get same day appointment, as phone in time coincides with commuting time.

I have to phone exactly 8am and by 8.10 the appointments are usually all gone. This is not always possible to do this.

The changes to the system of making an appointment has helped a lot.

Difficult to make an appointment as phone lines can be engaged for twenty minutes from 8am. The online system is cumbersome and there are never any appointments available.

I always find it easy to make an appointment.

It can often take up to 30 minutes and 75 tries to get through.

Phone line 8am hard at times.

It is difficult to get an appointment if you work as can be travelling to work when required to ring.

You do have to call first thing, but that’s the same at most GP’s.

Can take a while to get through on the phone but otherwise ok.

I telephoned tonight at 5.55pm, the receptionist got me an appointment, can’t fault this and always pleasant.

I’m working fixed hours so can access surgery at 5pm when required and eligible to sick leave as needed.

50 attempts to call from 8am -> got through at 8.44.

Absolutely fantastic.

It would be helpful if there was queuing system on the phone lines. I have been trying for 30 minutes on several occasions.

I do usually manage to get an appointment eventually although I do find it annoying that by the time I do get through all appointments are taken.

Yes extremely simple to arrange.

Excellent on day appointments. Very difficult to make an appointment that are not emergencies.

It recently took me 3 days of phoning at 8am before I got an appointment. Could we have a come and wait session?

Very difficult!

Sometimes difficult to get through when ringing for an appointment. More pre-bookable would be helpful.

Sometimes it is difficult but staff go over and above to try and sort something out.

QUESTION 2 If you have seen a doctor during the last 6 months….

Docs generally v. professional.

Always very caring.

I always attempt to see the same doctor.

I have a wonderful doctor – her care is second to none. She is a great family doctor and a true friend – (Dr Disley).

Sometimes I feel rushed and sometimes I forget to discuss issues.

As I have a disabled son it would be helpful to see the same doctor each time so they would get to know him better.

Brilliant – no complaints.

No problem.


All the doctors are great, especially Dr Miller and Dr McCabe.

I have to proactively seek explanation and clinical guidance.

GP is poor communicator and does not seem interested.

No complaints, good.

Dr Johnson, Dr Furnival are fantastic dr’s Dr Lynn is lovely too.

Always had amazing treatment, by any one of the doctors seen.

Have to say that this varies between doctors but on the whole they are excellent.

I had an MRI scan on 3/7/16; I was told this would be followed by clinic appointment. As yet I have still not got an appointment for clinic follow up

More information about tests and explanation of test results would be appreciated.

Seen by Dr Furnival, no complaints.

Especially Dr McCabe and Dr Ikpoh.

I have seen a couple of the GP’s here and have found them to be both very caring and thorough in their assessment of my health issue.

Always good.

It was an examination of my ears in September 2016 prior to a referral for ear syringing at local health centre which involved a month wait which I felt was long time as I was v deaf.

Have not seen doctor during last 6 months.

I am pleased with the care attention and referral for further tests if needed.

All doctors I have recently seen have been very intense and thorough.

The only problem is not getting to know your doctor as you see whichever doctor the receptionist has allocated for you.

Dr Furnival is fantastic! A life saver!

I am very aware of time pressures on the doctors and feel they do as well as they can within the time constraints.

QUESTION 3 If you have seen a nurse during the past 6 months….

Always kind.

I find all the nurses excellent.

Pleasantly surprised.

Great understanding.

No problem.

Visit was for pneumonia jab.



All the nurses I have seen are all excellent, very friendly and approachable.

Only for flu jab, but very good.

The nurse is excellent.

Always professional.

Always good.

I saw the nurse to get my blood pressure checked so some of the questions are not relevant.

Have not seen nurse during last 6 months.

Nurse too is good and extremely pleasant.

Sr Walker is amazing!

I have only been in for health check and flu jab – both times I was treated very well.

QUESTION 4 what do you think about the condition of the surgery?

Premises are rather shabby and information has not been updated for months.

Slightly outdated but otherwise good!

It is a joy to have such good treatment.

Never used the toilets.

No problem.

I know there’s not much you can do at this site.

The toilets are ok, however it’s usually the way other patients leave them. They are never clean.


The waiting area could do with better ventilation.

Television screen positioned too high. It is easy to miss your name when it appears on screen!!

Would like a ‘sound’ on the screen when doctor is ready to see patient.

Too many notices – so confusing. Difficult to find what is relevant.

Dull and drab waiting area.

No problems for me, the building does the job.

Whole place is a bit dated.

The toilets are ok but they smell quite a lot.

Toilets could be more clearly signposted. Lots of information displayed in waiting room but not organized by theme – makes it look messy.

I only have one problem and its minor in the big scheme of things, but I don’t like the TV screen calling up my name. I have to keep looking and worried about missing my name and keeping people waiting. Personally I would prefer my name being called or a buzzer announcement as a name is displayed. Not major but my only gripe about waiting area.

Ventilation poor in waiting area, especially in summer.

Don’t use the toilet. Feel a bit lectured to by TV monitor messages.

1st class.

The surgery is an old building nice and clean. I care about the doctors not the building.

It’s an old building. Obviously shiny new decoration etc would be nice but it’s of absolutely no importance to me.

The facilities are dated but friendly. Notice board is overcrowded. Needs organizing under headings.

Seats not comfy.

QUESTION 5 How helpful do you find the receptionists at the surgery?

Possibly best part of experience at the Ash Surgery.

Occasionally conflicting response to prescription requests.

Perhaps under too much pressure.

Depends who’s on.

When I need appointments for my baby and toddler they are excellent at fitting me in. They even called me back if something comes up.

Usually very good but sometimes can be awkward.

I understand that the receptionists are busy but I have found most of them to be very abrupt, officious and occasionally rude. Also I have been given incorrect test results over the phone by them.

Always polite and helpful.

Sometimes you stand at reception for a while before they even look up to acknowledge you are there, but when they do they are helpful – just think it’s rude!

Reception staff helpful, but I noticed they became more friendly when I had regular appointments.

Always helpful and friendly.

Depends which one. Some are very good others are not helpful and quite snotty.

The reception staff are lovely and really helpful.

So helpful and happy.

They are always v helpful although I’m fit and well and don’t use the surgery often.

They are great.

Very helpful.

The majority are friendly and excellent.

Friendly and helpful.

Always very helpful.

Receptionists are always very helpful and courteous.

QUESTION 6 Do you know that the practice has a website?

Not on internet.

I will use it in future.

Plenty of information.

Don’t use it as can’t get same day appointments.

I will look at the website.

Just looked at the website and cannot access anything other than homepage images!

Don’t have internet access.

Make the how to make an appointment instruction more prominent and simpler.

I do not have a computer.

Don’t have a computer, do think about having one – lots of reasons why I don’t!

Have got registration details – not yet done so.

I do now,


I found it harder to find the times at which I am to telephone the surgery for an appointment.

Do not have computer.

I have not yet utilised the website.

It’s great, looks nice and easy to use.

I have not got a computer.

I probably had seen something but typically did not get round to checking.

QUESTION 7 Were you aware that the practice offers online booking of appointments?

Not practical. Often I am travelling and need to use the phone option for booking appointments.

When I have tried previously there were hardly any appointments available.

Going to register today.

There were never any appointments available.

Only able to book a week in advance.

Haven’t registered.

I will use this in future.

Could be simpler – might be difficult for those not experienced in online to follow.

I do not have a computer.

I have never been able to get an appointment that was not a week in advance.

QUESTION 8 Were you aware that the practice offers online re-ordering of your repeat prescription?

Just found out.

Leaflets given out when you attend your appt with any new practice updates i.e. the website for online booking.

Haven’t registered.

I will use online in future.

Haven’t used it.

Do have repeat presc.

QUESTION 9 If you currently attend one of our chronic disease clinics, you currently receive a letter containing an appointment date and a form to take for blood tests. Would you prefer to receive the blood form but make your own appointment at the surgery or are you happy with the current system?

Happy with status quo.

QUESTION 10 Are there any other services you would like the practice to provide? If so, what are they?

Have been with practice for 50 years. I have always been well looked after.


Blood taking in the surgery.

Psychological therapies.

Male health check at 50 then every 5 years including prostate check etc.

Weekend surgery perhaps every fortnight?

Annual ‘check ups’ and support services for carers.

I was offered counseling at the surgery several years ago after my husband had died and found this helpful. Perhapos patients recently bereaved could be offered counseling if this is still available at the surgery.

Not yet, but not used it much yet.

Weight management.

Maybe for older folk, examples: Lessons for computer use and physio lessons.

A full service for bloods. Why employ nurses/phlebotomists then send you to hospital for tests.

Having my bloods taken would be helpful rather than having to go to Garston.

More emphasis on preventative healthcare to preempt illness.


Have more nurses to do certain tests such as bloods. More support with chronic illnesses.

Blood checks and physiotherapy.

Not that I am aware.

QUESTION 11 Can you suggest any way in which your interaction with the surgery could be made easier?

Maybe a quarterly meeting for patients and staff to meet and discuss issues.

Make it easier to book appointments.

Telephone calls in morning could be easier.

More telephone lines for appointments.

Easier online booking – tried, failed.

Option to book appointment in advance. Some “people skills” training for receptionists.

Receptionist training in people skills.

Greater availability to make advance appointments.

I cannot think of anything presently.

Not yet.

Have to be able to call at 8am and cannot pre-book appointments. Difficult to get through especially if unwell.

Did not know about online booking so will investigate in the future as the main problem has been getting through for an appointment.

This location I reside in, is blessed with the Ash Surgery, it’s staff, doctors, nurses and receptionists and all clinics it holds, patients are helped a lot.

Have more than 1 telephone line and receptionist. It is hell trying to get an appointment. You get stressed out trying for sometimes up to 1 hour to get through.

More wellbeing services. More evening and weekend services.

A nurses drop-in, if a patient is under certain treatments could come and discuss it with the nurses at certain times to put minds at rest.

I need to register online to see if this helps.

No, current options are good.

QUESTION 12 If you have been registered with us during the past 5 years, do you feel that the practice is getting better, remains the same or getting worse?

Evening appointments, some great doctors.

Easy to use booking system.

Never had a problem.

Getting there.

Seems to be more doctors which is good.


Have to wait too long after appointment time before actually seeing a doctor.

Easier to make appointments. Waiting room has improved a lot.

I’m not sure; I think it is getting better.

Practice is the same.

Only just registered and very happy.

Has always been good.

Can’t explain why but does feel better and more modern!


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